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Solid Wood Flooring Installation

The traditional and timeless appeal of a solid wood floor will enhance the appearance of any interior and endure for generations.

Choose from either;
Select - For a sophisticated and uniformed look. Natural with limited knots.
Rustic -. Large knots with some sapwood are all acceptable allowing a real 'rustic' charm to shine through.
Extra Rustic - Vibrant with plenty of life and colour. Splits, cracks, large knots and any amount sapwood is allowed in this category creating a very distinctive design.

Whilst our finishes include:
UV Oil/Hardwax Oil , UV Lacquered/Matt lacquered, Brushed, Sawn, Hand scraped and Aged & Distressed.

Solid wood flooring is a beautiful, natural product that will last you a lifetime.

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Telephone: 01373 228 388 or Email: williamroseandcompany@yahoo.com